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Tattoo Removal

tattoo of a lizard being removed with our erase your tattoo treatment 

Erase that tattoo

progression of tattoo disappearing after multiple sessionsWith recent advances, laser technology has become the most effective solution for removing unwanted tattoos. Now, we can remove all tattoo colors: black and dark tones, blues and sky blues, reds and tans, and greens. The toughest color? Green!

Our QX Max laser treats the tattoo with very short, powerful pulses of light that penetrate deep into the skin without injuring the top layers. The laser energy breaks up the tattoo ink, which is then absorbed by your body’s immune system.

Most of our clients say that laser tattoo removal feels about the same as getting the tattoo, but it’s much quicker. We use both a prescription-strength numbing cream and ice to minimize discomfort. A small tattoo takes about 15-30 seconds and a large tattoo may take 5-10 minutes. After each treatment the tattoo will probably scab or even blister for a couple of weeks. Then the tattoo will fade as the body removes the remainders of the tattoo pigment.

It is hard to say how many treatments you’ll need for complete removal, but 5 is the minimum number, and some large multi-color tattoos require 15.  Variables such as size, depth, color and location are all factors. Treatments are spaced three weeks apart.


Tattoo Removal before and after


Tattoo Removal - CSLC Basics


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